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Sumedh Sehgal

Sumedh Sehgal

Competition's Director

Hey guys, my name is Sumedh Sehgal and I'm a Junior majoring in Finance. When I came to UTD as a freshman, I knew nothing about Finance. Luckily, FLA has helped turn that around. After being mentored by upperclassmen, competing in the Securities Analysis Competition, and attending multiple FLA events, I got exposure to the different career paths within finance and learned how to obtain jobs within them. The connections I made through FLA allowed me to secure both of my internships at a management consulting firm as well as at a boutique investment bank.

As Competition's Director I am hoping to help UTD students develop the technical skills needed to excel in interviews for selective internships as well as in their future careers. I look forward to meeting all of you at our next event!

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