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About FLA


We are the largest finance organization at UT Dallas. Our main focus is to help the students at UTD gain the knowledge and skills required to excel in the field of finance. We host brand-name firms and provide students with resume-building experiences through competitions. We also offer access to valuable resources such as Breaking into Wall Street, but most importantly, we provide mentorship to help you succeed in your careers.

who can join fla?


Any UT Dallas student can join FLA, no matter what your major is. Whether you want to acquire leadership, networking skills, or just want to learn more about different career paths, you can join FLA.

How can i join?


Click on the membership tab and purchase either a semester-long or a year-long membership package.

what is fla doing this semester?

  • Consulting Case Competition

  • The Securities Analysis Competition

  • Company Events

  • Mock Interviews

  • Workshops on networking, finance skills, professionalism, etc.


You can check out our calendar to find out about our exact events as well as the dates and times we are hosting them.

Job Opportunities 


Join our mailing list for job opportunities within various fields of finance!

Stay Connected


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