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Analysis Competition

What is the SAC?

FLA’s Securities Analysis Competition (SAC) is an intense month-long valuation competition. Throughout the course of it, participants will analyze a pre-selected public company, their background, industry, financials, and more. After completing their research, they will submit a detailed financial report, including 3-statement projected models and a DCF, and will have the opportunity to present it to industry professionals from a variety of finance backgrounds. The top 3 teams will even receive cash prizes!

Why Should I do it?

The SAC has historically been an amazing resume booster, having been known to single handedly help students gain internships. This is because of the deeper understanding of financial statements, modeling, and forecasting participants gain along the way.

If you want to apply, but are new to finance, don’t stress. You’re the perfect candidate to compete. We have workshops planned with professionals that will help walk you through valuation techniques used in the industry. But that’s not all – we also offer each team access to Breaking into Wall Street, a series of professional training videos that will help you learn in-depth financial modeling at your own pace.

How do I compete?

To compete, you must be an FLA member and form a team of 1- 4 members. We highly encourage participants to form a team by meeting with fellow FLA members at our various events; however, we will also help connect those who are looking for teams.

If you have any questions, feel free to send them to

How does it Work?

The SAC comprises of a written report, which is broken down into segments, and a presentation, which is a rigorous procedure of discussing valuations, metrics, and other important information pertaining to your valuation of the company of your choice. Essentially, you’ll be making a recommendation to several industry leaders on the future of a company and the actions you recommend.

Below is an example of such a competition (CFA Institute Research Challenge 2016):

SAC Fall 2018 Winners: Reports

Please click the links below to view the reports

2nd Place

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