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Consulting Case Competition

FLA’s Consulting Case Competition (CCC) is a comprehensive, brand new, semester-long management consulting competition. Through this competition, we at FLA hope to offer a thorough look into the world of consulting. Competitors will receive a prompt for a fictional business, and a problem facing that company. Competitors will be provided with important metrics and information regarding the company, and will be tasked, with their team, to find the most practical and intuitive solution to a real-world business problem. Also, the CCC will offer cash prizes!

Securities Analysis Competition

FLA’s Securities Analysis Competition (SAC) is an intense semester-long valuation competition. Throughout the course of it, participants will analyze a pre-selected public company, their background, industry, financials, and more. After completing their research, they will submit a detailed financial report, including 3-statement projected models and a DCF, and will have the opportunity to present it to industry professionals from a variety of finance backgrounds. The top 3 teams will even receive cash prizes!

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