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Consulting Case Competition

What is the FLA Case Competition?

FLA’s Case Competition is a comprehensive, brand new, month-long management consulting competition. Through this competition, we at FLA hope to offer a thorough look into the world of consulting. Competitors will receive a prompt for a fictional business, and a problem facing that company. Competitors will be provided with important metrics and information regarding the company and will be tasked, with their team, to find the most practical and intuitive solution to a real-world business problem. Not unlike the SAC, the FLA Case Competition will also offer cash prizes.

Why Should I do it?

The Case Competition is all about solving problems. In the world of management consulting, only the best in this field prevail. This Case Competition is designed to stimulate engagement and intellect and provide real experience with how consultants deal with problems. Many firms value such prior experience, and without a thorough understanding of casework and approach, one cannot hope to succeed.

While this may seem daunting, the Financial Leadership Association will be providing several resources for the competition itself as well as several opportunities for competitors to learn from industry leaders. No prior experience is required, and fresh minds are encouraged. The only thing setting you apart is your mindset.

How do I compete?

To compete, you must be an FLA member and form a team of 1- 4 members. We highly encourage participants to form a team by meeting with fellow FLA members at our various events; however, we will also help connect those who are looking for teams.


If you have any questions, feel free to send them to You can also direct your questions to our GroupMe, where our officers can respond and other participants can benefit from your questions.

How does it Work?

The FLA Case Competition comprises of a written report, which will be broken down into small stages, as well as information sessions, which will prepare you for the stages to come. The information will be spread out over the course of the competition to prepare for a rigorous final presentation, to a panel of key figures in the DFW metroplex.

Below is an example of a similar competition (John Molson MBA International Case Competition 2017):

Registration is closed!
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