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Mock Interviews

FLA is hosting a brand-new event this semester, the Mock Interviews! Mock Interviews present a great opportunity to FLA members for polishing their interviewing skills before on-campus interviews begin. These sessions will help candidates hone in on their weaknesses and strengths and give them ample time to refine these areas thus making them more competitive during actual interviews!


Our vision is to help members become even better and this event is a true representation of that. Interview candidates will get tangible feedback to act upon as well as a thorough practice of an interview. Come prepared with your answers and give it your best shot; leave it to us to help you improve!


Have questions? We have answers. Reach out to an FLA officer today, or meet us at one of our events!


FLA strives to create a family-like environment for its members. Navigating college and finance careers can be tough without a close-knit network of peers to support you. FLA provides opportunities to cultivate relationships with like-minded students. Members are enabled to trade class notes, share networking tips, discuss ideas, but most importantly, have fun. We can't wait to see you at our events!


This fall we are proud to introduce the Ambassadors. The ambassadors are representatives of FLA on the UTD campus. They promote strong leadership in and outside the classroom. Ambassadors will have opportunities to be more involved on campus and with FLA as they will be able to join the officer team in promoting FLA.

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