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UT Dallas Finance/JSOM Clubs and Activities

  • 180 Degrees Consulting:

A massive multibranched organization that will help students network and learns hard skills for a career in consulting. Due to the large nature of the organization, you will be able to take advantage of numerous resources and a large network of students who are part of the organization.

  • Professional Program in Finance (PPF):

A very competitive program for students aiming to enter high finance industries such as Investment Banking, Private Equity, or Consulting. The program boasts a large network of alums with connections in many prestigious companies. PPF allows for many networking opportunities as well as internship offers. Part of the program involves taking a course on financial modeling to prepare for future experiences.

  • Energy Association ETD (EA UTD):

For students interested in the energy field in finance, EA is a fantastic option. EA allows students to focus specifically on the energy industry and provides them with the tools are resources necessary for success in the energy industry. Email:

  • Real Estate Club:

Another organization aimed at students who know their desired field in finance. The Real Estate Club is a wonderful resource. It provides nationwide competitions for students to gain experience and skills from ananda network of students who help each other with internships and full-time employment offers.

  • Alpha Kappa Psi (AKPsi):

AK Psi is a great organization for students in need of networking opportunities at UT Dallas. It is a fraternity focused on business and differentiates itself from other fraternities by being drastically more professional and business-focused. It has an incredible network of students and alums and is a great place to find internship offers.


ASCEND is a student group that serves as a collective voice for Asian and Pacific Islander students who are looking to enter the field of finance. If you are looking to find a place with which you can both accelerate your career as well as participate in your culture, ASCEND is a great choice.

  • Gamma Iota Sigma (RMIS):

This fraternity has its focus on the fields of insurance and risk management. Once again, this is an organization that caters to people who know their specific field and are looking for both experienced in the said field and good networking opportunities.

  • National Association of Black Accountants, Inc. (NABA):

Although mainly focused on Accounting, NABA is a good resource for African American finance students as it excels in its inclusivity and bolsters a large network of students and opportunities for said students to advance their careers.

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