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Investment banking & Corporate Finance

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

This week we're going to discuss investment banking and corporate finance, and what the differences between the two are. Many of our students majoring in finance may not know what each role is about, so please view the attached articles to enhance your understanding of the respective jobs.

This article talks about the distinctions that can be drawn from the two.

  • Investment banking grows a company, while corporate finance manages a company.

  • A corporate finance professional deals with day-to-day financial operations and handles short- and long-term business goals, while an investment banker focuses on raising capital.

  • The academic and experience credentials necessary to become an investment banker are higher than for most corporate finance positions.

This article talks about the roles of an investment banker.

This article talks about the roles of a corporate financial analyst.

Just for fun, have a peak at this article which talks about the rise and fall of Valeant Pharmaceuticals. It's an interesting timeline to see the decline of a company which was once so prominent. It has since been bought out by Bausch Health.

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