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The Investment Division

the world of finance can be complicated, but we can help.

Our members learn how to invest in themselves by learning about the financial industry and developing interpersonal communication skills. Our information has been carefully curated from multiple discussions with investment professionals including hedge fund managers and portfolio managers. We want our members to be the highest performing individuals at their firm, and provide the necessary steps for them to do so. Please scroll down to view the various skills students will learn.
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Learn about the financial Industry

Download our free guide to see a basic overview of the financial industry. This guide covers the basic categories of personal finance, corporate finance, and public finance. Click the button to download the guide!

"How do I join the Investment Division?"

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Step 1

Pay $25 or $50 to join FLA

Step 2

Notify an officer that you would like to join

Step 3

Wait for verification

Step 4

Check your email for the GroupMe link

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