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Fatima Ali

Marketing director

Hi, my name is Fatima Ali and I am currently a senior pursuing a major in Marketing and a minor in Finance. I joined FLA last year with hopes to gather a better understanding of how finance is applied in its many different forms throughout the industry and to allow my network to flourish by interacting day-to-day with young business professionals. FLA has been crucial in providing me the insight I desired, and has offered me multitudes of opportunities to network and to build on my knowledge of professionalism.

As a marketing director, I intend to continue to make FLA grow in size by putting emphasis on what it means to be a financial leader. I am a strong advocate for personal growth, and through FLA, I have been provided the resources to thrive in any professional setting. Ultimately, I would love to provide my peers in the organization that same sense of direction within the business world.



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