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Hello! My name is Gleb Sharapov. I am currently a sophomore pursuing a degree in Finance. I am mainly focused on corporate finance and I am looking to break into the Private Equity/ Investment Banking industry BEFORE I graduate. I joined FLA in the second semester of my freshman year because I was looking to get more involved with the financial side of UTD and expand my horizons and my network. 

FLA has been instrumental to me getting to know the world of finance closer, and I have had nothing but great experiences with all the members which has helped me develop both my interpersonal skills as well as my network. As the ambassador I am hoping to bridge the gap between the members and the large learning curve of finance. My personal life consists mainly of soccer and cars. I currently own a car flipping business and work on that in my spare time. If you ever see me, feel free to invite me out to soccer, I will never turn down a chance to play ball!


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