University of Texas at Dallas
JSOM, 1.120
800 West Campbell Road
Richardson, TX 75080-3021

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$25        $50

1-Semester                                              2-Semesters​

Ted Shi


Hello, my name is Ted Shi. I’m currently a freshman at UT Dallas interested in Computer Science or Data Science but undeclared as a whole. I’m also on the Pre-Med track and hope to become a physician practicing medicine after I complete the various steps in my education. Though my professional aspirations are unrelated to finance, I originally became interested in FLA because of the important applications finance has in professional careers and personal lifestyle.

As an ambassador, I plan to focus on new member development and assist students competing in the SAC. In the next four years of my undergraduate education at UT Dallas, I seek to develop and continue the legacy of FLA that previous leaders have worked hard to develop.