CFA Investment Research Challenge (IRC)

CFA Investment Research Challenge in 2010 has concluded. If you are interested in participating in this competition, please check back in Spring 2011. For further questions, contact our Competition officer at


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The CFA Investment Research Challenge (IRC) is hosted by the CFA societies of Houston and DFW. Teams compete with each other on analyzing, writing, and presenting a report recommending a “Buy”, “Sell”, or “Hold” position on a publicly traded company.

The competition is global in scale, but starts off in 'local' areas. For UTD, that local area includes Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. First, teams submit written reports for judges to grade. This process is random in nature - the reports are due without the names of neither the competitors nor the university they are a part of, so as to remove any bias.  From there, the judges select a handful of teams to make an oral presentation to another panel of judges.

The following 11 university's competed: Rice, LSU, SMU, TCU, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Tulane, U of H, UT, UTD and UTSA. The Texas company for 2010 is Rent-A-Center (NASDAQ: RCII).  The CEO, Mark Speese and the CFO, Robert Davis presented to the student teams on January 13th at SMU.The UTD team of FLA members included (from left to right in the photo below):


IRC Team Spring 2010

Many sleepless nights were spent preparing our report and this was UTD's first year competing. So, how did we do?

The written reports were due on February 5th and the 5 finalists were LSU, SMU, U of H, UTSA, and UTD. The final competition was held at SMU on February 20th in conjunction with TIPS with University of Houston winning the IRC-Texas competition and Southern Methodist University coming in second.

While the UTD team did not win the competition, we walked away feeling proud of our efforts believing that we competed strong and performed well as a team. Next year's team will no doubt have a monumental task ahead of them in preparing a written report and presenting at TIPS. We encourage them to seek out the advice of their coach (assigned by the CFA society) and their professors. Pay attention in your classes and ask questions as needed. Get involved in student organizations, activities, and events. These will all better prepare you for the CFA IRC.

A copy of the Rent-A-Center written report and PowerPoint presentation can be accessed by clicking on the links below. Note: These files have been converted to .pdf format.

IRC_TX_RCII - UTD - Written Report 2010.pdf

IRC_TX_RCII - UTD - Presentation 2010.pdf

Would you like to speak to the UTD FLA CFA IRC team? Then we would like to speak to you! Feel free to contact us at the contact information provided below.

Name                                Phone                    E-mail                                    
Jeff Harrington                  214-766-2522
Charles Luongo                N/A               
Tram (Tiffany) Nguyen      N/A               
Sudhanshu Jain                214-299-2584

You may visit the CFA Society of Houston's website for further details at

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